We're interested in routine. We're interested in breaking it, annihilating it, grinding it into the dust and forgetting all about it.

Our day to day is full of schedules, rules and obligations. They say that the routine is good to face them, but we think the opposite. We refuse to participate in this farce.



Our aim in life is to make any moment sublime, no matter how insignificant it may seem. If we haven't been put on this earth to enjoy ourselves, then what the heck are we doing here? 

If you don't enjoy yourself, it's because you don't want to. And we want to, here and now. On a commute to work, a weekday dinner or a rainy afternoon, it doesn't matter. Each moment is an opportunity to enjoy this life.


We triangulate moments, attitudes and articles to achieve those peaks of pleasure that make life worth living. We cultivate an egoism that we love to share.

The smell of real coffee as we catch up on the first news of the day. The lamp we turn on to read a masterpiece. The feel of armchair leather as we listen to our favourite vinyl. Let's give in to the magnificence of small pleasures!



Not all pleasures are for everyone. But it's a mistake to think it has anything to do with money. We're talking about taste, about education. About mundane know-how.

Money can buy you anything. But also any old thing. The difference lies in knowing how to appreciate the quality, design, nuances, texture and all those things that others can't see. Now that's what we call exclusivity.


Mundana is the antidote to tedium and routine. True, it doesn't work for everyone. But not everyone knows how to live. 

Let's create a haven from mediocrity! Routine is banned. There's no place here for people ruled by routine. There's only room for those of us who know how to pay tribute, moment by moment, to our worldly existence.