Mundana wants to be the wellspring of your everyday moments of delight.
Since a day is a day like no other.

We want to be the source of your whims, the supplier of your self-gifts.

Cause —damn it, let's be real!— taking care of oneself is essential.

Dear mundanes, love yourselves right here.  

Mundana TV


We keep talking with people who have things to say, with people who, moreover, share a certain way of seeing the world and who —let us warn you— matches perfectly with ours. This time around, our character is a chef whose eloquence is as good as his cuisine.  

Sergi de Meià (Esplugues del Llobregat, 1977). One of the top chefs in our country who calls the shots. A chef with a unique vision of his profession & life. Perhaps he is the living proof that, deep down, there is no dichotomy between tradition & modernity. We have chatted with Sergi and, as it couldn't be otherwise, we have also cooked together. Both conversations & recipes can be found on our YouTube channel. 


    Principles statement

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    Mundana is not a shop. It's a meeting point for all those who understand look at life in the same way. It's a container for atrezzo to enjoy your routine. And without the brands that back Mundana, this challenge would be impossible. All of them share our philosophy, our own idea of exclusiveness.